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A Students View...

Posted on: Wednesday, 28th August 2013

"During the summer we've had a student working with us in the marketing department, Sophie has documented some of the projects she helped us on. So here is our first 'students view' "


Ever wondered how photographers capture food looking so mouth-wateringly delicious and appetising? Well me too - so when it came to light that Rangemaster were having a Food and Features shoot and I was asked to attend, I jumped at the chance.


Reading through the recipe list for the shoot sounded like an advert for M&S with Fig, Stilton and Rosemary savoury tart as well as griddled salmon with a lime, chilli and cucumber salsa - far from the student cuisine I am used to. Rest assured I can confirm, that the food was made on location and not sourced from the aisles of a supermarket!


Rangemaster Range cookers come with an abundance of fab features which are unbeknown to some customers, such as the Glide-out grill and the Handy-rack. Therefore the recipes had been specifically selected to illustrate these features with realistic recipes that you can do at home featuring more homely bakes such as muffins bursting with blueberries, and the very on-trend macarons.


The Nottingham School of Cookery was the location for the shoot which is owned and run by the lovely Claire who cooked up a banquet of different cuisines for lunch each day. However with 32 shots to produce in 3 days and only 2 photographers, time was of the essence to stay on schedule.


Two Home economists had the task of cooking and baking all of the dishes to perfection - a job not for the faint hearted - overseen by Rangemasters very own Home Economist Alison Baker. The difficulty lay in coordinating the timing of the dishes with the photographers in order to shoot the food whilst still looking edible and fresh! Emma, the make-up artist on the shoot - aka food stylist - had a few secret tips and tricks up her sleeve to keep things looking fresh. Obviously if I told you what they were then they would no longer be a secret, however I can tell you that cotton buds, cocktail sticks and a paintbrush turned out to be very handy tools!


Lots of things had to be taken into account when deciding on the suitability of the shot such as if the pork looked too meaty and whether the apricot Danish pastries were randomly placed enough - yes all very important things in the world of food photography. And with Holly (Marketing Manager) possessing a very keen eye for detail, the lengths gone too for perfection, were to be admired. A particular pest were the sesame seeds in which tuna cubes had been dipped for a four sided coating. Unfortunately they seemed to have a mind of their own and it became like Where's Wally trying to find stray seeds on the plate which had lost their way.


I had imagined the whole experience to be like having our own personal tasting menu filled with indulgent treats which we could feast on throughout the day whilst obviously working at the same time; however this was a little different from reality. In fact there were not many dishes at all which were edible by the time they had been through the rigour of the shoot by either being over man-handled or hidden with secret edible yet undesirable fillers. I did manage to try the blueberry muffins and Danish's though which I can assure were extremely tasty and are a must-bake!


When looking in magazines and recipe books at food shots you never imagine what goes on behind the image; the creative team, the wealth of ingredients, the amount of props used, and the sheer amount of time and effort which goes into it. However now I will appreciate how evenly distributed the vegetables are in the salad; how the red wine jus seamlessly trickles down the edge of the fillet steak and how the fork is strategically placed at the edge of the plate. I will leave you with a sneak peak at my favourite shot of the entire shoot which actually was the quickest of all shots - The English Cooked Breakfast!



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