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Alexandra Dibble

Gas V Induction

Posted by Alexandra Dibble Wednesday, 23rd April 2014



A tricky choice that needs some careful consideration! As the Rangemaster Home Economist I have worked on both of these hob types in our development lab here in Leamington Spa, and yes, I do have a favourite!


But here are some points for you to consider:


ELISE 110 Red


  • Probably still the most popular fuel choice for a hob
  • Responsive gas burners, instantly turned up or down
  • A heat source that can be seen in the form of a flame that may help you to find that perfect simmer
  • Rangemaster gas burners can be converted to LPG at the time of installation by a specialist installer
  • Any style of cookware can be used
  • Cast iron pan supports provide a more traditional look








Classic 90 Cranberry


  • The fastest growing hob choice of the moment
  • Fast, responsive and controllable
  • Easy to clean, any spillages will not stick to the hob
  • Energy efficient, the hob stays cool; the pan gets hot which in turn heats the food
  • Only induction friendly pans can be used, those with an iron base, but there are plenty of these on the market including Rangemaster’s own brand, tried and tested on induction
  • Safety – no naked flame, the hob can be ‘locked’ to prevent children turning on the heating zones
  • More modern looking, sleek glass hob



Putting aside the efficiency, controllability and speed, it is the ease of cleaning that decides it for me; the hob stays amazingly cool so no spilt food burns on, so it is induction for me. 


I tried to persuade my son to have an induction hob on his new range but he, like many male home cooks, wanted gas, he likes to see the flame, perhaps my daughter in law cleans the cooker? He also likes to move the pan across the pan supports, something you cannot do on a glass hob, as it would scratch, so I say, move the food not the pan! By the way you can still use a wok on an induction hob.


Still undecided? Why not use the Dealer Locater on our website to find your nearest stockist and go and talk to the experts.  Ask for a demonstration on an induction hob while you are there.


Feel free to ask me a question here!


For those Rangemaster induction friendly pans take a look at our Cookshop



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