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Hayley Gilbert


Posted by Hayley Gilbert Monday, 10th December 2018

Looking ahead to 2019, we asked Daniele Brutto and Kim Vanopstal of Hub Kitchens (www.hubkitchens.com) to give us their trend and design predictions for the coming year. From new product launches that will change the way we cook and repurpose food waste to the impact of maximalism on kitchen design and how homeowners are introducing more texture and statements into the kitchen, there are plenty of exciting new looks to choose from…

What are your key design predictions for 2019?

2019 will be the year of detail. Subtle detailing in surfaces, such as geometric patterns in stone cladding, will add another layer of interest and soft matt textures will add depth. We will also see a lean towards zoned areas that are created specifically for individual moments such as baking and coffee or juice breaks. Each year we strive to create harmony between indoor and outdoor spaces. Next year we will see organic shapes, colours and materials being used in kitchen design to bring the outdoors in and create more indoor green spaces.


What surfaces, textures and shapes will be incorporated into kitchen design?

Darker, richer, more impactful colours will be used as consumers opt for a design statement that will stand the test of time. Natural stone surfaces will further increase in popularity to balance the deep undertones and add warmth to the design. The use of soft, warm textures with organic surface edges that have a more natural feel are key.


What new products can we expect to see?

As we strive to be more environmentally friendly and responsible for our carbon footprint, kitchens in 2019 will incorporate compostable food waste disposers to easily allow homeowners to repurpose their food waste.


How is the trend for maximalism influencing kitchen design?

Maximalism has impacted kitchen design by making it more homely, inviting and bespoke. Kitchens are becoming less stark, as foliage, artwork and statement lighting options inject personality. There is a big emphasis on clever storage solutions that serve a design purpose whether closed to hide clutter or open to display designer glassware.


Bespoke kitchens start at £40,000


Rangemaster meanwhile has plenty of new built-in appliances to complete your dream kitchen design for 2019. There’s a new Twin Zone Oven, Coffee Machine, Warming/Proving Drawer and Storage Drawer. The oven is a superbly flexible design, as you can split the interior into two separate cavities, each with its own fan for two different temperatures or functions at the same time without transferring flavour. The coffee machine is a new non-plumbed design that can be programmed to produce your favourite latte, cappuccino, espresso or regular cuppa from beans or pre-ground coffee. And to complete a sleek bank of built-in appliances, the warming/proving and storage drawers are great for proving dough, keeping plates warm and making sure baking trays are close at hand.


Whatever your plans this month, here at Rangemaster we wish you all a wonderful Christmas and a very Happy New Year!


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