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Shake Up Your Wake Up for Breakfast Week

Posted by Gill Bland Monday, 26th January 2015

The 25th-31st January is officially Breakfast Week. It’s also probably about the time when all those healthy eating intentions that you had at the start of January are starting to slip. Breakfast is my favourite meal of the day and I particularly love a leisurely brunch with a good coffee and some friends (or the crossword). I recently had something similar to this at my favourite brunch spot in London and it occurred to me that while many brunch recipes are rather sugar or fat laden, this one is really quite healthy. So, I though Id see if I could re-create it. I reckon it’s got 2 or 3 of your 5 a day, the eggs provide good protein to keep you going and the yoghurt adds a tart creaminess whilst providing all the benefits that live yoghurt gives.


New Year, New Recipe

Posted by James McIntosh Tuesday, 20th January 2015

I have seen countless magazines and web articles that start “New Year, New You”, I gave up doing New Year’s resolutions a few years back as I manage to get to day 3 and then fail. January is a miserable month, long, post the holiday period so I like to feel as good as I can. I’ve eaten far too much over Christmas and New Year and to hide it I’m wearing a baggy jumper, yet I’m determined to wear hoops, not stripes this spring so I need to think about what is going to be hearty and warm to eat, yet not full of fat. I don’t do diets. To me, they are like New Year’s resolutions, they fail too.  Small lifestyle changes on the other hand work, that way I feel I’ve achieved something.


A New Year, a New You?

Posted by Alison Baker Monday, 12th January 2015

A New Year, a New You?  I hope you aren’t too fed up with all the talk of weight loss, exercise and detox that happens every year at this time! So why not try and make a change with what you are cooking?


Once the New Year is underway, it’s time to brush off those New Years’ Resolutions and start as you mean to go on. For many of us, that means embracing a whole new healthy lifestyle, including moderating the way we cook. Okay, so the gym membership may not make it past March but I find that changing cooking and eating habits is a lot easier – and more fun, too.


Christmas Breakfast

Posted by Gill Bland Tuesday, 16th December 2014

What do you normally have for breakfast on Christmas day? It’s a tough one – do you go light to leave space for extra stuffing (literally and figuratively) later on? Do you go decadent and rich? Do you wish you could go decadent and rich but really grab half a slice of lukewarm toast as the kids drag you to “see what Father Christmas brought?


After carefully considering the festive break-fast I thought that what would be most useful was a customisable option. Something that can be made easily and eaten either slowly in conjunction with a bucks fizz, or in a flurry of shredded wrapping paper with a mug of tea.


I'ts Not Too Late. Don't Worry.

Posted by James McIntosh Tuesday, 9th December 2014

Stir-up Sunday was a few weeks ago and traditionally this was the day one made their Christmas pudding, however it’s not too late to make one, it just won’t be as mature in flavour as it could be.  Relax, put the tree up, deck the halls and get ready for Christmas.


The Ultimate Appliances for Christmas Entertaining

Posted by Hayley Gilbert Monday, 1st December 2014

One of the best things about Christmas is cooking for family and friends. I love planning party menus and stocking up on all the treats that take over the supermarket aisles come December. I’m also lucky to have a fantastic local butcher and baker too, as not only is it important to support small, local businesses but it’s also a fantastic way to get new ideas and inspiration on everything from snacks and nibbles to the main event.


Around the world on NYE with Rangemaster

Posted by Alison Baker Thursday, 27th November 2014

Did you know that at room temperature a bottle of champagne contains around 40 million bubbles? We didn’t either until we created this interesting New Year’s Eve infographic!


Cooking a Dinner Party With Less Fat

Posted by James McIntosh Monday, 17th November 2014

I'm very proud to say at the grand age of 36 I have a 32" waist.  I do believe in the concept of "you are what you eat", but rather than being fanatical about food, I simply eat a healthy balanced diet.  Well, it works for me.  That means I can splurge and save on different ingredients and have naughty days complemented with healthier days.  But, it’s not all about me, so considering a dinner party, how do we ensure less fat is on the plate?


Show off your chef skills

Posted by Hayley Gilbert Friday, 7th November 2014

Once the nights draw in and autumn is well underway, it’s the perfect time of year to invite family and friends over for a hearty meal. No-one wants to spend too much on going out with Christmas round the corner so entertaining at home is an ideal way to keep socialising on a more informal and inexpensive scale. I’m certainly no Nigella but I’d like to think that I can cook fresh, seasonal ingredients in a very simple yet tasty way. You don’t need to get bogged down in gadgets and utensils or even complicated ingredients – what’s more important is the basic tools for the job and this means investing in a cooker that offers flexibility when it comes to experimenting with different dishes.

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